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Testing Your JavaScript with Jasmine

Step 0: Understanding BDD

Today, we’re going to be learning about the Jasmine BDD testing framework. But we’re stopping here for a detour first, to talk very briefly, about BDD and TDD. If you’re not familiar with these acronyms, they stand for Behaviour-Driven Development and Test-Driven Development. I’m in the middle of learning about what each of these is in practice and how they are different, but here are some of the basic differences:

BDD and TDD … stand forBehaviour-Driven Developmentand Test-Driven Development.

TDD in its simplest form is just this:

  1. Write your tests
  2. Watch them fail
  3. Make them pass
  4. Refactor
  5. Repeat

That’s pretty easy to understand, eh?

BDD is a little more complex: as I understand it right now, I don’t think that you or I as a single developer can actually practice it fully; it’s more of a team thing. Here are a few of the practices of BDD:

  • Establishing the goals of different stakeholders required for a vision to be implemented
  • Involving stakeholders in the implementation process through outside-in software development
  • Using examples to describe the behavior of the application, or of units of code
  • Automating those examples to provide quick feedback and regression testing

To learn more, you can read the extensive Wikipedia Article (from which those points were taken).

All this to say that, while Jasmine bills itself as a BDD framework, we’re going to be using it in a more TDD-style way. That doesn’t mean we’re using it wrong, though. Once we’re finished, you’ll be able to test your JavaScript with ease … and I expect you to do it! Continue reading