Day #378


Own expirience.
Human – the worst creature in the world …as a computer – got a virus and can not control itself and human is the same animal. Even the most faithful dog bites it’s owner.

Just fortunately it has a mind that differed him from animal. Mind – is the most dangerous virus under the name of brain, which ruins itself. For each human life is important. but sometimes sacrifices itself for someone at it means that brain betrayed the body and ruined itself. if brain is know as the best friend of the body, then it means that there is not a real friendship…

There is just a lifeway that does not make a situation for you friend to betray you. but sometimes it is being otherwise, my brain tried to ruin me, but it could not. i endured and i am alive. why is my friend after all these? answer is simple, my friend is my lifeway that showed me the betrayal and dage a chance to my brain, to ruin my body?

There is not a real friendship.


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